Order 7 shipments at once and get a 10% discount

Order 7 shipments at once and get a 10% discount

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    Book the departure of special equipment to your facility a month in advance and receive a 10% discount
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    vehicles of SPETSCON partners in the database
    1 million+
    km covered by SPECCON transport in 2021
    150 000+
    tons of bulk cargo transported in 2021
    Our partners

    We promptly organize transportation of necessary cargoes on the territory of Ukraine and Europe. We deliver bulk, small-sized, dangerous and oversized cargo in any volume to the destination point.

    Fast and high-quality document processing

    SPETSKON logisticians are responsible for the documentary support of transportation at every step, providing the customer with the necessary documents in a timely manner.

    Optimization of logistics

    Experienced logisticians from the SPETSKON team, as well as our partners, develop the optimal route taking into account weather conditions, road condition, etc.

    Constant support of the manager

    Each customer is assigned a personal manager who provides the customer with comprehensive information support on any issue at any time of the day.

    Continuous cargo monitoring

    All our vehicles are equipped with the necessary navigation system, so you will always have up-to-date information about the location of the vehicle and the status of the transportation.

    The presence of 3500+ partners in the base that we trust

    Every day we provide work to our carrier partners, and thanks to a large number of partners, in most cases there will be several transportation options for your cargo, among which we will offer the most convenient and economical one.

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    We are trusted
    All-Ukrainian and international construction, industrial and manufacturing companies of world scale entrust us with strategically important cargo transportation.
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      Freight transportation and special equipment services

      Cargo transportation is carried out by dump trailers, tanks, tank-containers, tilt trucks – depending on the chemical and physical characteristics of the material. For food bulk cargoes, tanks made of food-grade stainless steel are used. Chemical safe and hazardous liquid cargoes are transported in tanks made of specialized steels.

      Tanks are also equipped with thermal insulation, which makes it possible to maintain the desired temperature. Specialized tank trucks with the volume from 24 to 36 m are divided into sections (from 1 to 6), which allows simultaneous transportation of products with different properties. The fleet also includes tanks equipped with autonomous systems for heating and cooling the cargo, as well as with compressors that make it possible to pump out the cargo. We provide transportation services by crews of drivers with appropriate permits for the right to transport safe and dangerous goods of food and chemical groups.

      Transportation company Spetscon offers services of transportation of cargoes of different types in Ukraine and in European countries. We are one of the most reliable logistics companies in Ukraine.

      Freight transportation in Ukraine and Europe

      Conditions of cargo transportation guarantee delivery in the agreed time. For this purpose, our specialists lay out a safe route to any populated area of Ukraine or Europe, calculate the delivery time.

      If necessary, our logistics company in Kiev, Vinnitsa and other cities can attract its special equipment (cranes, excavators, etc.) for loading.

      The following factors affect the cost of transportation:

      • weight, type of cargo;
      • distance;
      • peculiarities of the route (whether there is a need to cross borders, whether the equipment will have to travel on toll roads, etc.);
      • additional services, such as loading.

      Before signing a transportation agreement, employees of our logistics company will calculate the cost of services and provide detailed information to customers of transportation.

      Spetscon Transportation Company

      Our diverse fleet and experienced team have a lot of experience, so our international logistics company is ready to cooperate in various projects.

      Freight transportation is controlled by GPS equipment, so the customer can personally track the movement of each vehicle.