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Order 7 shipments at once and get a 10% discount

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    Food transportation

    SPETSCON has been providing cargo transportation services, including food products, since 2017. Developed logistics of goods movement allows us to fulfill orders throughout Ukraine and transport goods abroad. We have access to more than 3,500 units of various special equipment, in particular, tank-containers, which are used for transportation of food products in liquid form.

    In accordance with the requirements of the current legislation (sanitary and hygienic norms and rules, which are put forward to the transportation of goods of this type), all cargoes are provided with full documentary support. We guarantee their integrity and safety. If necessary, we provide assistance with customs clearance.

    Food transportation
    What is included in the service
    Cost analysis and calculation, selection of the optimal route
    Selecting the best mode of transportation
    Professional driver with at least 10 years of experience
    Cargo insurance
    Consultation and support during delivery
    Order transportation
    Advantages of working with SPETSCON
    Always responsible for the cargo: its integrity and safety
    We guarantee the delivery of the car
    We control the delivery of cargo to its destination
    Fast and high-quality document flow
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      Vasily Naumenko
      Director of Ukrzhyto LLC
      I have experience of working with many transportation companies. But lately I have been working only with the logistics company Spetscon. This is my reliable assistant, to whom I can fully trust the transportation of foodstuffs. The company employs only professionals who know exactly what to offer the client. I can note high client-orientedness. You can always feel that the employees understand the client's problem and search for a quick solution. I am always very pleased with the prices for services.
      Andriy Solomin
      Head of Sales Department, Ukrzhito LLC
      When I contacted the company a few months ago, I realized that I wanted us to become partners for the long term. There is often a need to transport food products from one location to another. I really liked the way Spetscon handles food freight transportation. They are really professionals in everything, from the application process, selection of transportation to fast, reliable delivery of products.
      Valery Shevchenko
      Head of Logistics SEAROAD
      I have never had any problems with Spetscon. Everything is clear, fast, efficient, and most importantly - affordable. This is exactly how food transportation should be carried out. Transportation is provided at the agreed time, documents are always in good order, cars are tidy and always on the move. Transportation and transportation of food products is a service that Spetscon company provides at a high level. Trust the professionals as we have done.
      Frequently asked questions
      Food transportation regulations
      In accordance with the norms of current legislation, special vehicles engaged for transportation of products have a sanitary passport and processing certificate, drivers and forwarders have a sanitary book and special clothes.
      Is there a warranty and cargo insurance?
      Yes. The entire consignment is under constant surveillance, the company is responsible to the customer for the safety of the cargo and its integrity.
      Requirements for transportation of food products?
      All transport involved in the transportation of food products complies with the norms of sanitary and hygienic safety, marked accordingly.
      Saving time and resources, complying with food safety regulations - that's how SPETSCON provides food transportation services. We have more than 3,500 different vehicles, including tankers, to ensure safe and profitable delivery of animal or vegetable products.

      Features of food transportation

      "SPECCON" has proved to be a reliable provider of logistics services. Capacious machines, which are used for food transportation, are specially designed for transportation of goods of liquid consistency:
      1. Made of stainless steel.
      2. They are treated with anti-corrosion coating.
      3. Can maintain the necessary temperature regime, regulate pressure and the like.
      The company transports goods to any corner of Ukraine and beyond. Dimensions and volumes do not matter. There is a special equipment that allows you to work with the volume of 24-36 m3 of liquid cargo. A wide range of partners provides the opportunity to fulfill extra-large orders.

      Classification of food products

      They are divided into animal and vegetable. We work with all types. We transport:
      • juices and their concentrates;
      • vegetable oils and fats;
      • chocolate and food additives;
      • milk and milk products;
      • glucose-fructose, maltose syrups;
      • molasses.
      Food cargo transportation is a special service, as it is subject to increased safety requirements. Drivers who operate tank-containers have the necessary permits for transport and transportation of foodstuffs. If necessary, the customer also receives customs escort. You can order the service of transportation of food products by contacting the managers of our company in any convenient way.