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Order 7 shipments at once and get a 10% discount

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    Fuel transportation service: procedure of implementation, advantages

    Strict requirements and restrictions are imposed on the transportation of dangerous goods. Regardless of the type, fuel is characterized by easy flammability, toxicity, so it requires special delivery conditions. Most often road and rail transport is used, in particular hermetically sealed tanks. Special markings are applied to the containers, and the carrier is required to have licenses and permits. We provide qualified support of fuel transportation at all stages – from selection of a vehicle to its unloading at the place of destination. The client is assigned a manager, who at any time of the day provides full information about the location, condition of the cargo and so on.

    Fuel transportation service: procedure of implementation, advantages
    What is included in the service
    Cost analysis and calculation, selection of the optimal route
    Selecting the best mode of transportation
    Professional driver with at least 10 years of experience
    Cargo insurance
    Consultation and support during delivery
    Order transportation
    Advantages of working with SPETSCON
    Always responsible for the cargo: its integrity and safety
    We guarantee the delivery of the car
    We control the delivery of cargo to its destination
    Fast and high-quality document flow
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      Taras Zhelevsky
      Director of Megotrans LLC
      When it comes to fuel transportation, safety is the first thing you think about. For many years, Spetscon has been carrying out fuel transportation not only within Ukraine but also abroad. Therefore, when our company needed fast and safe transportation of fuel, we turned to Spetscon. The company's activities are carried out strictly according to the documents and on time. We are especially pleased with the prices, which are lower than those of other carriers. I can safely recommend this logistics company.
      Yulia Prikhodko
      During the move, there was a need to transport dangerous goods. It was necessary to transport fuel and other HMMs to another city. It was decided to order a special vehicle from a transport company. When I contacted Spetscon, I immediately realized that I had come to the right place for fuel transportation. A polite employee delved into my problem and offered several options for vehicles and suggested discussing a convenient loading time for the transportation of dangerous goods.
      Andriy Nukhov
      Head of Logistics at Transportnet
      In my opinion, Spetscon is the best fuel delivery company. It is very convenient to work with them, as their employees are true professionals. They take orders quickly, process them on time, and accurately pack and transport the fuel. After such a high level of service, there is no need to turn to other carriers. A very decent company with the best prices.
      Frequently asked questions
      How is payment handled?
      Cash, wire transfer, online.
      Is there a warranty and cargo insurance?
      We arrange all necessary insurance documentation.
      Are customs clearance services provided?
      Yes. We provide documentary support for the international transportation of goods.
      Transportation of gasoline, diesel fuel is a complicated and time-consuming process that requires strict compliance with the rules. It is difficult for the customer to foresee all the nuances. "SPETSCON" logisticians provide qualified assistance. Using this service, customers quickly and without losses carry out freight transportation of fuel in Ukraine and Europe. We explain the specifics of delivery, choose the type of transportation corresponding to the technical characteristics of fuel, control all processes.

      Specifics of fuel transportation

      Transportation of this type of cargo is most often performed by automobiles. Establishment of logistic routes, development of road infrastructure, affordable cost of the service incline representatives of industrial enterprises, dealers, owners of gas stations to order the service of fuel delivery. Modern gasoline tankers equipped with protection against fire, cargo leakage are used in transportation. Logistics provides for compliance with the rules:
      1. Selection of the optimal route.
      2. Promptness.
      3. Registration of license and permit.
      4. Availability of an appropriate vehicle.
      Sealed tanks are used for delivery.

      How dangerous goods transportation takes place

      The duties of our employees are aimed at fast, reliable, safe transportation of fuel. We comply with the statutory requirements for packaging and transportation of fuel. The "SPETSCON" fleet is equipped with special signs that inform about dangerous goods. We have permits to deliver fuel over long distances. Drivers of our company have category C license and certificates on passing special courses on transportation of dangerous goods.