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Order 7 shipments at once and get a 10% discount

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    Transportation of agricultural products and grain

    Bulk goods such as grain and other agricultural products are transported by dump trailers, tank containers, or tilt trucks – depending on the physical characteristics of the material. Such trucking is necessary in agriculture, nutrition, and other applications. During delivery, it is important to preserve the integrity of the cargo. Therefore, at the planning stage, vehicles are selected that will best bring the grain cargo to its destination. Experienced drivers are involved in transportation. We provide transportation services with appropriate documentation.

    Transportation of agricultural products and grain
    What is included in the service
    Cost analysis and calculation, selection of the optimal route
    Selecting the best mode of transportation
    Professional driver with at least 10 years of experience
    Cargo insurance
    Consultation and support during delivery
    Order transportation
    Advantages of working with SPETSCON
    Always responsible for the cargo: its integrity and safety
    We guarantee the delivery of the car
    We control the delivery of cargo to its destination
    Fast and high-quality document flow
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      Snizhana Malyovana
      Head of Logistics at Procargo
      I have been looking for a reliable partner for the transportation of agricultural products for a long time. We have been working closely with Spetscon for several years now. I no longer have any doubts that they will be able to transport grain at the time and place we need it. You always deal with professionals who promptly accept an application and draw up documents. I am also pleased with the prices, which, like many carriers, do not rise.
      Vladislav Popov
      Director of Primelogistic
      Grain transportation with Spetscon is reliable, simple and profitable. There is always a special vehicle that arrives on time. Fast delivery, reasonable prices for services and high customer service make you contact the company again every time. Don't hesitate to outsource this labor-intensive process of grain transportation to professionals, as we did.
      Nikita Pushkar
      Director of Diligence LLC
      Looking for a reliable grain transportation company? You don't have to do that anymore. You are on the right track. Spetscon is the best carrier that offers logistics and grain transportation services in Ukraine. When you contact the company, you will definitely receive the service at the time you need it. You won't have to wait for vehicles, the drivers are clean and polite. You don't have to worry about documents either, they are always in order.
      Frequently asked questions
      How is payment handled?
      Payment is made in accordance with the concluded contract for transportation and logistics services. The final cost of the service is calculated individually. Consultations are free of charge.
      Is there a warranty and cargo insurance?
      Yes. Documentary support of the cargo, insurance and constant monitoring of its location are obligatory conditions of the order fulfillment.
      Are customs clearance services provided?
      Yes. "SPETSCON" provides brokerage services and customs escort of cargo.
      Any grain and oilseed crops and their processed products can be transported. Thanks to the established cooperation with many carriers to order logistics company "SPETSCON" will provide guaranteed transportation for the transportation of agricultural products and grain both within Ukraine and abroad.

      Transportation of grain

      Sunflower and its husks, wheat, corn, barley, oats, peas and so on can be transported by specialized dump trailers. Equipped with hydraulics and a loading volume of 30 to 60 cubic meters, they can easily cope with the transportation of mixed fodder, flour or malt. If it is necessary to transport grain crops, tractors up to 92 cubic meters, of Euro-5 and Euro-6 ecological standard, can be provided. Grain is a special commodity, besides its high price, it is critical to the food security of the country. Therefore, logistics and transportation of grain in Ukraine requires careful compliance with all operations with this category of cargo.

      Methods of grain transportation

      Transportation of grain is most often carried out in two ways:
      1. Tar (in bags). The main requirement for this type is the cleanliness of the container provided - it should be free of odor and pests. During operations with containers filled with grain, damage to them, which leads to losses, should be avoided.
      2. Bestary (bulk). The main requirement is to protect crops from dust and dirt, excess moisture, and to reduce losses due to sloughing and weathering.
      Cargo transportation of grain by tilt trucks is the most common method of transportation, because it can be used for almost all categories of bulk cargo. And thanks to the special design of semi-trailers, where it is possible to roll up the tent, loading/unloading is available in any convenient way: from the side, frontal, rear. At all stages of grain transportation the cargo is under close supervision of experienced drivers who have all permits to drive special vehicles. In addition, before each trip they are necessarily instructed.