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Order 7 shipments at once and get a 10% discount

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    Transportation of liquid cargo

    Liquid cargoes are transported by tanks, tank-containers – depending on the chemical and physical characteristics of the material. Such cargo transportation is necessary in agriculture, construction, catering and other spheres. During delivery, it is important to preserve the integrity of the cargo. Therefore, when planning, vehicles are selected that will best bring the liquid cargo to its destination. Experienced drivers are involved in transportation. We provide transportation services with appropriate documentation. We have permits for transportation of safe and hazardous materials.

    Transportation of liquid cargo
    What is included in the service
    Cost analysis and calculation, selection of the optimal route
    Selecting the best mode of transportation
    Professional driver with at least 10 years of experience
    Cargo insurance
    Consultation and support during delivery
    Order transportation
    Advantages of working with SPETSCON
    Always responsible for the cargo: its integrity and safety
    We guarantee the delivery of the car
    We control the delivery of cargo to its destination
    Fast and high-quality document flow
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      Mykola Chernyavsky
      Head of the logistics department of Transtonn LLC
      In order to transport liquid cargo, special equipment is required. Not every logistics company has it freely available. When I called Spetscon, I was pleasantly surprised to learn that they had trucks for the transportation of liquid cargo. And I was even more surprised that they could deliver it in a few hours. After completing the paperwork, I was told the price, which was very pleasant. I will definitely contact only this company for transportation services.
      Maxim Pavlyuk
      Director of Logisticalley
      If you are looking for a company that provides safe transportation of liquid cargo, then you are in the right direction. By contacting Spetscon, you will receive a high level of service at affordable prices. A truck of the required carrying capacity will be delivered at the ordered time. All documents will be properly executed. The company provides any transportation services at affordable prices. Contact us, you won't regret it!
      Valeria Paseka
      Head of Logistics Department at Marlin LLC
      The transportation of liquid bulk cargo is a very specific process that requires not only the availability of special vehicles, but also the appropriate driver experience. Spetscon is a reliable carrier of not only liquid bulk cargo, but any cargo. Having chosen this company for the first time, I have repeatedly contacted it several times. I have never had any problems with this company. The loading is on time, the documents are properly executed, the delivery speed is unsurpassed, and the prices are always affordable.
      Frequently asked questions
      How is payment handled?
      The cost of delivery is calculated individually - based on the volume and characteristics of the cargo and other features. To do this, you should contact the company's managers in any convenient way. Provision of consultations is free of charge.
      Is there a warranty and cargo insurance?
      Yes. The company guarantees compliance with safe transportation requirements and controls delivery of the cargo to the destination point. Issues of possible reimbursement are specified in the service contract.
      Are customs clearance services provided?
      Yes. At the customer's request, we provide documentary support for the international transportation of goods.
      Water, juices, liquid ingredients for making alcoholic beverages, oil products, as well as acids, petroleum products and other chemicals in liquid or liquefied state - all of them need transportation. Logistics company "SPETSCON" provides a full range of logistics services and special equipment for transportation of liquid cargoes by motor transport: tanks and tank-containers.

      Transportation of liquid cargoes

      According to the requirements of liquid cargo transportation and taking into account the needs of the client, the service is provided for all types of food products, as well as for safe and hazardous chemical compounds. It is possible to transport all types of food products, as well as cargoes containing safe and hazardous chemical compounds (2, 3, 8 and 9 hazard classes). Tanks in which liquid substances are transported are made of stainless steel. The material of tanks is resistant to corrosion, additionally equipped with a protective layer, withstands the load of increased pressure. The temperature required for a particular type of cargo is maintained in the tanks and can be regulated. There is equipment for pumping out substances under pressure. Tank trucks have a volume from 24 to 36 cubic meters. They are capable of dividing into six sections, which allows for optimal formation of cargo of both one type of goods and several different ones.

      Peculiarities of liquid cargo transportation: safety rules

      When transporting liquid cargoes, safety requirements are strictly observed. In particular, it is carried out:
      1. Preliminary cleaning of tanks from the remains of previously transported goods.
      2. Reservation of at least 10% of the free space of the tank.
      3. When transporting flammable substances, appropriate markings must be made on the outside of the tank.
      4. For products with the property of electrification, the trestle is grounded.
      5. Products with a viscous consistency are heated.
      Tanker trucks are operated by drivers with special transport permits after mandatory instruction on the safe transportation of liquid goods.