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Order 7 shipments at once and get a 10% discount

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    What is the service of waste transportation at "SPETSCON"?

    Agriculture, construction, industry and other spheres require transportation of waste materials that are generated in the course of activities. The materials have different chemical and physical properties. Therefore, the requirements for transportation are different. In some cases, if the cargo is safe, polymer containers or bags are sufficient. In other cases, it is necessary to use hermetically sealed containers, strictly observe the temperature regime and other requirements. We offer qualified assistance in transportation of safe and hazardous waste. We provide full support, draw up the necessary documentation. Transportation is carried out by experienced drivers with category C license, who have passed specialized courses.

    What is the service of waste transportation at
    What is included in the service
    Cost analysis and calculation, selection of the optimal route
    Selecting the best mode of transportation
    Professional driver with at least 10 years of experience
    Cargo insurance
    Consultation and support during delivery
    Order transportation
    Advantages of working with SPETSCON
    Always responsible for the cargo: its integrity and safety
    We guarantee the delivery of the car
    We control the delivery of cargo to its destination
    Fast and high-quality document flow
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      Diana Shcherbina
      Director of Transportfield
      After the renovation work, there was a lot of garbage left over. When I started looking for a waste transportation company, I decided to choose Spetscon. The employee, when filling out the application, offered the best option for a vehicle that could accommodate everything left over from the repair. The truck arrived at the agreed time, and we quickly resolved the issue with the documents. I was pleased with the price, which was much lower than in other companies. Therefore, if you need a service - cargo transportation of waste, contact here, you will not regret it.
      Yevhen Lynnyk
      I can say with confidence that Spetscon performs waste transportation at the highest level. There is nothing to complain about, the managers are professional, work quickly, everything is documented in accordance with all the rules, and the prices are minimal. I will return to this company again when I need to make any moves. I was very pleased with the speed of the car delivery. I called in the morning, and in the evening everything was already clean of waste and construction debris.
      Iryna Zhernakova
      If you need a company that provides transportation in Ukraine, then you are in the right place. This is the best option for a transportation company that employs only professionals. I have used them several times and always received a quality service. The cars are in good condition and arrive on time, which was a problem with other companies. The drivers are well aware of the routes both in the city and long-distance. I am especially pleased with the pricing policy, which is affordable for everyone.
      Frequently asked questions
      How is payment handled?
      Convenient for the customer in a convenient way: cash, cashless payment, online.
      Is there a warranty and cargo insurance?
      We insure the cargo and guarantee its integrity, undamaged.
      Are customs clearance services provided?
      Yes. We provide brokerage services and customs escort of cargo.
      In production processes there is a need for proper handling of residual products. Compliance with the established rules ensures that there is no negative impact on the environment and people's livelihood. The logistics company "SPETSCON" provides comprehensive services for transportation of safe and hazardous waste of various volumes and weights by specialized transport.

      How cargo transportation of waste is organized

      Before the trip, materials and substances are loaded onto the vehicle. The work is carried out by employees or by using special equipment. Loading is carried out in accordance with legal requirements. Workers wear special clothing, protect their eyesight and respiratory organs. The risk of waste getting into the environment and causing harm is minimized. SPECCON provides various types of packaging designed for appropriate materials and substances that have different chemical and physical properties. Consideration is given to:
      • flammability;
      • degree of heat;
      • possibility of release of toxins and other chemical compounds, etc.
      The following types of containers are used for waste transportation:
      1. Tanks.
      2. Metal and polymer drums.
      3. Bags.
      4. Containers of different volume and purpose.
      We use packaging of high quality.

      Organization of waste transportation in Ukraine by "SPETSCON" company

      The customer only needs to call our representative on the contact number or write by filling out the form on the site. Manager will quickly contact you to discuss the details of the order: the amount of waste, required packaging, time, place of delivery, route, etc. We draw up all necessary documentation and provide full support.